Ti'ele Morrison

Lieutenant Ti'ele Morrison


NAME: Ti'ele Demura Morrison
NICKNAME: "T", Tiffany
SPECIES: Romulan/Human
SEX: Female
AGE: 36
BIRTHDATE: January 14, 2349
BIRTHPLACE: Suraya Bay, Risa
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 137 #
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard (Terran English), Some Spanish, and
French, a few phrases in Romulan and Vulcan
HOBBIES: Water sports. Mountain climbing. Archeology. Military
history. Terran "Heavy Metal" music. Motorcycles.


Father - Dr. Richard Morrison (Starfleet Intel agent, former medical officer)
Mother - Shian (Romulan Tal Shiar agent/ Double agent)
Dog - Peanut Brittle (Beagle mix)


2368-2372: Federation Starfleet Academy (trained in shipboard
operations, helm, and navigation)
2377-2379: Starfleet Intelligence Training Center, on Andor


2372-2373: USS Farragut - Flight control officer [Ensign]
2373-2375: USS Farragut - Flight control officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2375-2377: USS Legacy - Operations Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2379-2381: Starfleet Intelligence field agent [Lieutenant, jg]
2381-2383: Starfleet Intelligence field agent [Lieutenant]
2383-2384: USS Foxbat - Starfleet Intel Liaison [Lieutenant]
2384-2385: USS Cavalier-C - Starfleet Intel agent [Lieutenant]
2385-pres.: USS Hades Rage - Senior Starfleet Intel Officer [Lieutenant]


2374 - Purple heart


2373 - Insubordination
2376 - Assaulting a Fellow Officer
2383 - Assaulting a Fellow Officer


The daughter of a Starfleet doctor, turned intel officer and his
Romulan lover, Ti'ele Morrison was born during one of her parents'
many trysts to Risa.

Ti'ele's father, Dr. Richard "Rick" Morrison, was a rugged, hard
living New Zealander who joined the Starfleet medical corp during the
Cardassian war. He saw plenty of front line action, and even served a
short tour of duty with Jean-Luc Picard. It was during Morrison's
tenure under Picard that he was approached about working for Starfleet
Intelligence. And the handsome doctor's thirst for adventure made it
impossible for him to say no.

During one of his earlier assignments for Intel, Dr. Morrison met a
Romulan Tal Shiar Major who was acting as a double agent for the
Federation. And although they began their relationship arguing, with
their differing opinions clashing more frequently than not it was not
long before the two agents fell in love.

Ti'ele was born on Risa just over a year later.

Ti'ele's parents never married. This would have been somewhat
complicated, with her mother, Major Shian, living on Romulus and her
father becoming well known in the Intelligence community. By the time
Ti'ele was a young girl, Dr. Morrison had a hefty price on his head.
And it was placed their by the Romulan government. Major Shian was
assigned the task of capturing Dr. Morrison and bringing him to
Romulus for an "intense debriefing".


Of course, Shian faled in her mission. And it was her last mission.
Almost from the beginning of her career as a double agent some members
of the Tal Shiar were suspicious of her. One opperative in particular
was always watching her, waiting for proof she was working for the
Federation. When he discovered her relationship with Morrison, he did
not hesitate to act. He murdered Shian while she slept, using a highly
toxic insect venom.

Dr. Morrison went on a binge of vengeance, and even began working as a
double agent for the Romulans in an effort to get closer to the man
who killed his lover. He was surgically altered to appear Romulan. And
as a result, Morrison was mistaken for a Romulan agent and notorious
assassin. He was killed my a Marine officer. By this time, Dr.
Morrison's daughter was 15 years old.

Ti'ele went to live with Morrison's family in New Zealand. And this
was the beginning of her rebellious era. While she had been cared for
by nannies, or some kind of surrogate parent while her father was
"working", she had always received a competent education in public
schools. But, as long as she had her father she was a very quiet, well
behaved girl. As soon as she received word of her father's death
Ti'ele changed. She became wild, reckless, and dangerous. Often to

One of her passions became stunt-flying in a skimmer, nearly cost her
her life when she was 16.

Ti'ele left home when she was 17. She never really bonded with her
family in New Zealand, but she did have a respect for them. And,
especially for the family history of association with Starfleet. Since
the time of James T. Kirk's original 5-year mission, there had always
been a Morrison in Starfleet, somewhere.

It would take Ti'ele two more years to come to terms with her life,
and find her own path. And in that time she travelled, and so much of
the quadrant that she might not have seen as an officer aboard a
starship. She saw the more rugged, seamier side of life in the
Federation. And her daredevil nature never quite abated. She just
learned to temper herself so that she became hardened, and worldly
beyond her years. Then just before she turned 19 she returned home to
New Zealand, and announced to her family she wanted to join Starfleet.

Both pleased, and puzzled, Ti'ele's grandfather helped her submit an
application. And after barely passing her entry exam, she was accepted
as a cadet, opting for training in the helm department. She also took
courses in starship command procedure and shipboard operations. Never
a very academic individual, Ti'ele had her problems at the Academy.
And she did cheat on a few of her classes to make passing grades. But,
as a flight control cadet she excelled in her studies and when she
graduated she was one of the highest rated cadets to pass the helm and
navigation class in the Academy's history.

It turned out Ti'ele could fly anything. But, she often let her own
temper fly off the handle.


Never the less, she served a three year tour of duty as a flight
control officer aboard the USS Farragut, with only one incident of
insubordination on her record. Her punishment in this case was light
(one week in the brig) despite the fact that she had called the ship's
First Officer a "stupid ass". Her skills as a shuttle pilot were too
high in demand on board the Farragut to keep her locked up for a loose

She even managed a promotion to Lieutenant, jg, after flying a daring
rescue mission into an asteroid belt.

In 2375, Ti'el was transferred to the USS Legacy. And she served as an
operations officer aboard the Avalon class ship under Captain Timothy
Scandal. But, she was not happy in the position, and only served two
years there. By 2377, she was beginning to feel restless, again. And
she even considered resigning her commission.

It was at this time that Ti'ele was approached by a recruiter for
Starfleet's intelligence service, and offered a chance to work in her
father's field. As a matter of fact it was her father's reputation
that prompted the recruiter to contact Ti'ele and offer her a
commission as an intel officer. Ti'ele accepted, and reported for
training at the Starfleet Intelligence training center at the Marine
base on Andor. Her training lasted for two years, and most of it
actually took place in the field. She had several instructors, but the
one who worked closest with her was another half-Romulan called N'Vek

Garcia's official Starfleet records listed him as a tactical officer,
serving aboard the USS Argones. But he had a long history with Intel,
including a 12 year stint as a field agent. And his history was
ironically similar to Ti'ele's - his parents had both been agents. And
both had been murdered. Garcia took Ti'ele under his wing and trained
her to be as competent, and ruthless an agent as he had been. Ti'ele
began her own career as an intel operative with a general assignment
as a field agent. And she continued to work in the field for four
years, before earning the rank of full Lieutenant.

In 2383, Ti'ele was assigned to the USS Foxbat, a Nova class ship. Her
posting was officially listed as Intel Liaison.

During a year-long assignment aboard the Foxbat she proved herself a
competent team leader, working with other SI agents who came aboard on
temporary assignments, but she had lost none of her famous temper. And
after clashing with the senior officers on board several times, Ti'ele
was transferred again. This time, to the USS Cavalier, under Captain
William Redfearn. But, it was N'Vek Garcia, now Redfearn's first
officer, who requested Ti'ele's assignment aboard the El Dorado class

Ti'ele worked under April Ripley, the senior intel officer aboard the
Cavalier, for just over a year before another opportunity presented
it's self. In 2385, a position opened aboard the Sovereign class USS
Hades Rage. The position was that of Intel Commander. And after some
insistence from Garcia, who advised Ti'ele that this was the best move
to further her career, she left the familiar surroundings of the
Cavalier to take the posting on The Rage.


Ti'ele Morrison is not what most people think of when they think of a
female spy. There's very little of Mata Hari in her outward
appearance. She has a very youthful, innocent look about her, with
long dark hair, blue eyes, and the subtley pointed ears and arched
eyebrows of her Romulan heritage that give her an almost elfin
quality. And her voice is soft, and high, like that of a young girl.
But, she has a rage inside her triggered by the murder of her father
and made worse by knowing how her mother died. And when this rage
presents it's self, Ti'ele can be a dangerous adversary.

She will resort to violence to deal with a situation easily and often.
And she has been cited twice for assaulting a crewmate, serving brig
time on each occasion.

Something of a loner, she has few friends. She tries to keep her
distance from people, so as not to involve them in the dangerous
aspects of her work. And sometimes she will purposely drive someone
away just for this reason. She is not what can be described as
romantic. Ti'ele actually prefers a brief tryst or "one night stand"
to a lasting relationship. She is openly bisexual, and is not against
using sex and seduction in the course of her work as an intel agent.

Although respectful of her superior officers both in intel and
shipboard command, Ti'ele treats her crewmates as equals. Even if
they're a rank grade or two above her, she is not likely to cow-tow to
anyone. But, she does not go out of her way to get into trouble. She
will make a concerted effort to get along and work well with those she
has to work with. If she finds someone is behaving in a condescending
manner towards her, or just "throwing their rank around" however, she
is likely to add another "assault" incident to her service record.

She does enjoy her work. And she enjoys her time off duty, especially
when she can find a freshwater lake for a bit of swimming or
snorkeling. She also likes listening to heavy rock-n-roll music from
the 20th century, and often has this type of music playing, loudly, in
her quarters. And if there is a party aboard ship, Ti'ele is the first
one there, whether she is invited or not.


Devoted to her intel work, Ti'ele has never married, or even though
about having a family. And she will not leave a job unfinished, or
leave a confederate behind on a mission. She has no problem risking
her own life, or taking that of another to complete her missions.


Ti'ele is slightly above average height.

She has pale skin, slightly freckled; and has the features of a
Romulan, diminished by her mixed genetics so that she looks more like
a Vulcan woman.

She is as physically strong as any woman her height and build, who is
half Romulan. And she definitely displays the Romulan propensity for
rage and quicktemperedness.

Ti'ele never wears a uniform. She sees it as silly for someone who is
a "secret agent" to reveal their affiliation with Starfleet by wearing
a uniform. Her clothing is usually black, or made up of dark colors-
blues, browns, or deep reds. And she will often wear skimpy, revealing
outfits. Especially if it will help her achieve her mission goals. She
will wear a combadge, when necessary. Especially aboard ship.

Her favorite foods are Terran Italian dishes. And she cannot resist a
bowl of ice cream.

Ti'ele speaks Federation Standard without an accent, but if she
becomes excited a trace of a New Zealand brogue will slip through.

She has a small, but impressive collection of weapons she has put
together since she began working as a field agent. Most of them are
firearms of some sort or other, and the majority of these are easily
concealed sidearms. She is an excellent shot with a standard Type I or
Type II phaser, and can handle a phaser rifle pretty well.

Her best friend and constant companion is a small, short legged
mixed-breed dog. This dog was a gift from the Legacy-A's chief flight
controller, Baxala Sodi. Ti'ele and Sodi became friends when the
Foxbat and the Expedition class Legacy were assigned to investigate
the destruction of a civilian mining colony. And as a parting gift,
Baxala presented her with the dog. A mutt, the dog's actual breed
heritage is unknown. Sodi had assumed he was a cross between some kind
of short-legged terrier, and a Pit Bull dog. But, Captain Redfearn
aboard the Cavalier, who considers himself an authority on dogs, has
guessed the little canine's actual parentage is a mix of Boxer, and

The dog's name is Peanut Brittle, and although no one is aware of
this, he is half beagle; and a direct descendant of Porthos, who
belonged to Captain Jonathan Archer, the first captain of a starship
called Enterprise. Ti'ele will use either half of his name as a
call-name and he also has earned several nicknames. Ti'ele arrived at
the name from the little dog's golden coat that, to her, seemed the
same color as peanut brittle.

Ti'ele's first name is pronounced "tee-ell" and can often sound like
someone is simply saying the two letters, "T" and "L". This lead to
some confusion for Ti'ele at the Academy, where a fellow cadet thought
she went by her initials. He would constantly nag her to at least tell
him what the T stood for, and she finally told him, sarcastically,
that it stood for "Tiffany". The name has stuck to Ti'ele as a
nickname ever since.

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