Starfleet Academy Judge Advocate General Branch

Starfleet Academy Judge Advocate General Branch

This Major is for cadets who wish to join the Starfleet Judge Advocate General's Corps. The fleet's JAGs are responsible for the investigation, prosecution, and defense of the men and women enlisted in Starfleet. In addition, they practice interplanetary, operation, labor, contract, environmental, tort, and administrative law. In addition, Starfleet Judge Advocates assist in the development and ratification of treaties and act as legal advisors to members of the admiralty. Each JAG officer is responsible for a certain group of individuals, or sphere of influence, in Starfleet.

Each cadet will obtain an interplanetary law degree during their time in the Academy. Starfleet Judge Advocates uphold and protect the rights of Starfleet personnel and the virtues of the Federation and Starfleet Charters. Newly commissioned judge advocates receive immediate responsibility in handling significant legal issues. They encounter a diversified, challenging and rewarding law practice stationed throughout the Federation. Judge Advocate General's now fall under the Liaison Corps banner.

Cadets Majoring in JAG usually take Operations as their Minor.

Training includes:

* Administration
* Diplomacy
* History: Federation
* Law: Federation: (general)
* Law: Federation: Administrative
* Law: Federation: Claims
* Law: Federation: Contracts
* Law: Federation: Criminal
* Law: Federation: Interplanetary
* Law: Federation: Operational
* Law: (non-Federation)
* Language: (non-native)
* Psychology: (Terran)
* Psychology: (native or non-Terran)
* Starfleet Protocol
* Xenology: General
* Xenology: (non-native)

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