Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy

Established in 2161, the Academy is a four year institution. The motto of Starfleet Academy is "ex astris, scientia," meaning "from the stars, knowledge."

All Starfleet officers must attend Starfleet Academy and complete a minimum four year training program, however some courses may last much longer.

All Starfleet officers must attend Starfleet Academy and complete the four year training program. Most students enter the Academy at age 18. The Academy adds four years to that, plus one year for each Cadet Cruise taken (if any). Those who go to Command School, add two more years of training. The Academy consists of two campuses, one at San Francisco, Earth, the other on Starbase 1, in orbit around Earth. There are several other training sites, including a flight training area near Saturn's orbit.

All students who apply must have a certain level of learning prior to admission. This includes being able to speak, read, and write Federation Standard, and having good mathematics skill. However, Starfleet Academy is very selective, and only has a limited number of spaces available for prospective Cadets. Students may wish to have already studied a variety of subjects in order to increase their chances of acceptance.

After admission, Cadets begin the standard four-year program to train for their roles in Starfleet. During the first two years at the Academy, Cadets gain a solid background in the skills important to all Starfleet officers in the Academy's General Studies program.

In order to be considered for positions aboard prestigious vessels, like the Enterprise, skills should be much higher. Honors graduates have very high skill levels. They are among the first considered for positions aboard those vessels. The class Valedictorian and Salutatorian each may choose their station assignment, making these graduates the most highly prized.

Starfleet Academy is the starting block for all Starfleet personnel. Starfleet Academy is split into 7 schools: Beginner Training, Command, Engineering, Science, Medical, Security and Special Services. The Academy is based in San Francisco, overlooking the bay, but is actually spread over the majority of the Federation worlds. Each school has its head of school, although the most famous of guests tend to frequent the Command School.

Starfleet Academy General Studies
Starfleet Academy Cadet Cruise
Starfleet Academy Command College
Starfleet Academy Sciences Branch
Starfleet Academy Medical College
Starfleet Academy Counselling Branch
Starfleet Academy Engineering Branch
Starfleet Academy Flight School
Starfleet Academy Intelligence Branch
Starfleet Academy Judge Advocate General Branch
Starfleet Academy Operations Branch
Starfleet Academy Security Branch
Starfleet Academy Non-Commissioned Personnel
Starfleet Academy Special Services College

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