Player Agreement

Player Agreement:

I, ______, Agree as a player on USS Hades Rage to respect all players regardless of their gender, race, religion or Creed. I will not force my views in politics, religion or any other issue on another player on this sim. I understand fully that the Game Master is the person to whom all complaints should be made and they should not be aired in a public forum. I also agree to post at least once a week unless I have told the Game Master of my absence. This is to, as I am aware, keep the game flowing. I have read the below rules and agree to abide by them. And know that failure will result in my removal from the sim.

Da Rules!:
• No quoting Starfleet regulations to the GM as that is the quickest way to find your character dead or hanging off the warp nacelles sans space suit.
• No super powered characters (Q like beings will NOT be accepted.) No one can do everything please remember that
• Only standard federation races are accepted… Will allow Romulans and cardassians but only in small doses we have characters that have problems with those races but they will be allowed.
• Play nice children. Constant bickering will not be tolerated.
• This Simulation is R+ Australian.. MA 17 + American please remember that and if anyone tells me that sex isn't allowed may I direct you to a number of other star trek Simulations that do have it.
• Please respect the other characters on this Simulation. Failure to do so will result in a warning…after two warnings you will be asked to leave the Simulation
• PLEASE do not use others characters without permission. If you need to use their character for a SMALL Part as in you see them or you are borrowing part of their post PLEASE STATE that it is an "Unauthorised" sighting or usage I WILL ACCEPT NO ADDITIONS TO A PERSON'S POST. THIS IS A PBEM SIMULATION NOT A TAG SIMULATION.
• There is only one other rule. HAVE FUN!

I also understand that I keep full ownership of my character and in no way will the GM at anytime publish my character as their own or keep said character active in the game if I leave. I understand that the character in the event of my removal will be placed as an NPC until it can be transferred off the ship (If on a mission) or removed from the sim to a better posting.

I have read this Players agreement and I agree to it.

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