Jolene Harker

Lieutenant JG Jolene Harker


Basic Information:

Name: Dr Jolene Harker, M.D.
Nickname: Jo
Race: Orion/Betazoid
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Silvery green
Eyes: Green
Skin: Green
Date Of Birth: Nov 11, 2349
Age: 38
Place of Birth: SS Legata
Psy Rating - P12
Interests and Skills: psychology, psychiatry, pharmacology, bio-chemistry, neurosurgery, fencing, hockey, passionate lovemaking, sailing, smoking

Languages: Orion, Federation Standard, Betazoid, Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon


- Bachelor of Psychology / MBBS
- Federation Board-Certified Surgeon
- Federation Board-Certified Psychiatrist
- Federation Board-Certified Psychologist
- Masters of Medicine (Neurosurgery/Psychiatry), Imperial College, London
- Member of the American College of Surgeons, Royal College of Surgeons of England, Vulcan College of Medicine

Starfleet Record:

2364 to 2368 - Civilian, Bachelor of Psychology / MBBS (Medicine/Surgery), John Hopkins
2368 to 2370 - Civilian, Psychiatry/Medicine Internship, John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
2370 to 2372 - Civilian, Residency, John Hopkins Hospital
2372 to 2374 - Civilian, Residency, St Mary's Hospital, London
2374 to 2378 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Counseling/Medical Cadet)
2378 to 2379 - Cadet, Starfleet Intelligence Academy (PsyOps Cadet)
2379 to 2380 - Ensign, Starfleet Intelligence, PsyOps Division
2380 to 2382 - Lt JG, Starfleet Intelligence, PsyOps Division
2382 to 2383 - Lt JG, USS Epsilon, Counselor/Medical Officer
2383 to 2384 - Leave to complete Masters, Imperial College, London
2384 to 2385 - Lt JG, USS Epsilon, Assistant Chief Counselor/Medical Officer
2385 to 2385 - Lt, USS Majestic, Chief Counselor
2385 to present - Lt JG, USS Hades Rage, Ship's Counsellor/Surgeon


- Starfleet Academy Graduate
- Starfleet Counseling Academy Graduate (conferred due to previous degree & experience)
- Starfleet Intelligence Academy Graduate
- Leonard McCoy Medal of Medical Merit
- Solace Ribbon
- Andorian Medal of Medical Excellence


Juvenile record sealed by Federation Family Court Order. Minor reprimands for inappropriate behavior during academy years. Demoted for unethical sexual behaviour with paitents.


Jolene was born as a normal child to two loving parents - her father being Betazoid and her mother being a green-skinned Orion. As a half-betazoid, her telepathic skills were quite low and tests showed that she would probably just manage to be empathic.

Her father was captain of a merchant-fleet long-range warp freighter, SS Legata, and her mother had fought through the stereotypes to become ship's helmswoman. Consequently, she was brought along with them.

When Jolene was only 6 months old, the ship was caught up in some sort of anomaly. During that time, beings made of unusual forms of energy entered the ship and tried to communicate. They didn't wish any harm but wanted the ship to go. Eventually, they broke free and reported it to Starfleet.

When she was around the age of two however, it was like some kind of switch turned on suddenly in her mind. She began to exhibit latent psionic abilities that should have been well beyond her abilities, but also started developing incredibly painful headaches.


Heading to the nearest medical facility after finishing up their work, they put Jolene in for tests. What came back was that somehow, she had a surprising amount more Betazed DNA then should have occurred, hence why her abilities were much stronger then others. Because of this, she would need to take a genetic stabilizer shot ever few days or she would find that the headaches would reoccur.

As she grew up, she used her abilities and practiced on others more then she should have. Her parents were very worried and eventually, she grew too much for them to handle at age six - especially when she attempted to damage the ship badly in a fit of rage and mind-blasted a Security officer.

Jo was reluctantly put into foster care on Earth, something that was very hard to explain to her. She grew very bitter & angry, lashing out at others in terrible rages. She went through about nine foster careers in the space of the first six months until she settled down & accepted what had happened.

Her next stay was longer - three years, but prematurely ended when her carer became ill from a degenerative genetic disease & had to put into a permanent care facility. For the rest of the 11 years that Jo would be in the Federation Foster Care System until she turned 16, she bumping around a number of longer term careers. The last one that she would have worked as a personnel officer in Starfleet Headquarters, and eventually convinced Jo that she should look towards the future.

Her marks were quite high, and she did show interest in helping others with problems. With her marks, she got accepted into a dual degree Bachelor of Psychology / MBBS (Medical & Surgery) at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland when she turned 17.

Completing her degree with high marks, she did her internship and 2 years of residency at John Hopkins before being accepted to complete her residency at the famous St Mary's Hospital in London.

Following that, Jo decided that she wanted to go out and explore space where she had been born. She applied to join Starfleet, and was accepted into the counseling program.

Jolene did very well in her Starfleet studies, although showed a tendency to be very harsh on others outside of class. Despite that, she showed compassion towards patients. She did tend to still use her strong psionic powers more then she should, and received numerous stern warnings.

When she completed her studies and put into a Counseling internship, she was approached by some black-suited Starfleet men after a month with an offer to switch into Starfleet Intelligence's PsyOps division. They didn't have to explain much before she wholeheartedly accepted, thinking it would be fun.

She transferred to the Intelligence Academy, where she was put through brutal training and tests. Passing all of them, she began work as a PsyOps agent, doing mostly top-secret classified working in various places throughout Federation, allied and hostile territory.

She found she loved the work what they made her do and her morales fitted in well with what they wanted her to do but after less then a year, she had a falling out with PsyOps' leadership, and was forcibly transferred back to Counseling, where she was worked as a counselor & medical officer on the USS Epsilon. She loved the ship and crew, who backed her with whatever she wanted to do.

Taking leave, she completed a Masters of Medicine (Neurosurgery/Psychiatry) at Imperial College, London on Earth before returning to take up Assistant Chief Counselor on the Epsilon.

When the posting of Chief Counselor came up for a bigger ship - the USS Majestic, Jolene transferred to it. However, her behaviour didn't fit with some of the crew, and she was charged with unethical behaviour for sex with her paitents. Jolene was quite strong with her reactions, and in anger, she reached into the mind of an investigator, twisting hard and permanently reducing to the mental state of a three year old.

She was demoted and sent to the Hades Rage.

Personality Profile:

Jolene is very animalistic and instinctive like her Orion species, especially in the way that she moves. She reacts on instinct 98% of the time, and goes with her gut feelings rather then any laws or rules.

Jolene is very friendly and has been known to walk up to perfect strangers. She dislikes being used for someone else's advantage, and will stand up for her self - violently and impulsively.

Jo smokes cigars and cigarettes, which calms her.

Physical Profile:

From initial impression, Jolene comes off as a typical green-skinned Orion. She is quite tall, curvaceous and lithe, and moves with an animalistic grace. Even her walking style resembles a animal rather then a sentient.


Her hair looks jet black hair at times, but is in fact very dark green, which can be seen when light catches it right.

She has strong pheromones, which she can't help releasing at times. She is a stunning vixen and knows it but tries not to flaunt it unless she has to.

Although she wears clothing when in public because most species have modesty, she does not wear anything when she is alone. She does not see anything wrong with it as it is her natural form.

She has tried to integrate, but still feels like an outsider.

Her Betazoid heritage isn't really obvious and she doesn't really bring it up unless necessary.

Jolene can be intimidating to others, due to her Orion heritage. Her time in PsyOps didn't help.

Psychological Profile:

Jolene is quite stable mentally most of the time, but has problems with her emotions.

Due to her psychic abilities, Jolene has the ability to sense people and is empathic. She can send and receive telepathic messages, and has strong abilities to block messages. She can act as a telepathic conduit between others, and also knows to mask her abilities from detection.

Although she does not like to, she could cause mental illusions or stun others if forced to, and frequently abuses it.

Family Information:

Real Parents - Not listed by choice
Siblings - None
Child - None

Special Notes:

Jolene's medical specialties are neurosurgery and psychiatry.

Jo has a ten foot long Kymerian Rainbow Serpent that is quite harmless unless if you are a nice juicy looking dead rat. Her snake's metallic-looking scales seem to catch the light in a beautfiul way, and she likes the feeling when it crawls over her.

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