Felicity Hennessey

Ensign Felicity Hennessey

Basic Information:


Name: Felicity Jolene Hennessey
Rank: Ensign
Nickname: Flick
Date of Birth: 2359, July 9th
Place of Birth: Earth, Dublin
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: 5f9
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Interests: Horse Riding, Snowboarding, Reading, Martial Arts
Languages: Irish, Gaelic, English, Romulan, Klingon


Ages 4-16: St Augustine’s Private Boarding School for girls
Age 17-21: Starfleet Academy training
Age 21-22: Starfleet Flight School

Starfleet Record:

Service Record:

2376-2380: Starfleet Academy
Basic Training

2381-2382: Starfleet Flight School

2383-2383: USS Montana
Flight Control officer

2384-2384: USS Germaine
Flight Control Officer

2385-Present: Flight Control Officer
USS Hades Rage

Decorations: Graduation Ribbon


- Drunk and Disorderly Conduct 2383- Insulting a superior Asshole as Flick Says.
- Drunk and Disorderly Conduct 2384, resulting in death of a fellow officer.


General History:


Felicity or FLICK as she prefers to be called was born January 3rd 2361 to Emma and Henry Hennessey. Flick is unusual in the fact that she was an invetro-baby. Her parents wanted a fifth child and had to undergo intensive Invetro fertilization for them to have Felicity. But a mistake was made in the lab and the fertilized egg that the Hennessey’s got was not theirs. The egg belonged to another couple, Serena and Heath Argelian, who chose to have one of the two eggs implanted , leaving the other for another time. HOW ever. The lab made a mistake and the second egg (Flick) was given to the Hennessey's instead of being frozen. Both girls are identical though Stephanie was born on the 7th of July and Flick on the 9th.

The Youngest of 5 children, she grew up, raised by nannies until she was 4 before her parents shipped her off to boarding school like her older siblings. She was the third daughter of the Hennessey’s to attend St Augustine’s.

She worked hard at St Augustine’s and when she graduated at 16, she moved to San Francisco without her parent’s permission and joined Starfleet. Her parents disowned her and she found all her letters to them returned to her without being read. She struggled with it but continued as a Flight Control Cadet and when she graduated she was offered a spot at Starfleet Flight School as a student to give her better training.

Upon her graduation she was assigned to the USS Montana A with the rank of Ensign. This would bring her face to face with someone she saw everyday but did not know about. Flick ran into her twin sister. Meeting her twin, she found herself not wanting to hang with her. She found Stephanie to be responsible with a child in tow and chose to avoid her. She did have some fun though, getting drunk with the then assistant chief of security Kalissa Kyler which ended up with the two of them arguing with Commander Thomas Carey and Flick in the brig. The CO put a reprimand on her file for Drunk and Disorderly. She transferred a short time later to the USS Germaine.

The USS Germaine was a fun posting for her. The chief of Flight control was a woman named Susan Hansen. This woman and Flick became very good friends, so good that they were often seen out partying together and even sharing bed partners. Though it quickly became clear that Susan was the leader of the pair, and she controlled Flick very well. Flick and Susan’s relationship developed and changed from friends to that of lovers with Susan being the dominant in the relationship.

But then one night something went wrong. Susan and Flick went out partying and picked up two men. The four went back to Susan’s cabin and after hours of sex, drinks and other such things, the morning dawned to find Susan dead, Flick tied to a chair and one of the men dead at her feet. The second man had killed Susan and the first man and had been about to do the same to Flick when they were discovered. Flick, who had multiple cuts and whip marks, Some months old, over her body was taken to Medical. When Questioned she could not give answers, except to say that the second man, who was named George Matthews had gone nuts.

Flick was charged with Drunk and disorderly conduct resulting in the death of a fellow officer. The charges were found to be non viable but they put the reprimand on her file anyway and sent her to Hades Rage. She knew that was a bad thing. But the loss of her friend has hit her hard and she has turned to partying even more. She works now on the Rage as a junior flight officer, content to do Gamma shift before partying even more.


Personality Profile:

Flick is seen as a vibrant and outgoing person. She has a wonderful sense of humor. And loves to party and experiment with different things. She is a bi-Sexual Submissive in her private life. She has taken to drinking more off duty since the death of her lover Susan.

Physical Profile:

Height: 5f9
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Pierced: Navel and Ears
Measurements: 33-22-33

Family Information:

Adopted Family:

Mother: Emma Hennessey (59)
Father: Henry Hennessey (65)
Brothers: James Hennessey (33)
Edward Hennessey (30)
Sisters: Serenity Hennessey - Carlson (28)
Michelle Hennessey (24)

Sisters in law: Priscilla Hennessey (30) – Married to James
Marguerite Hennessey (29) – Married to Edward

Brother in law: Harold Carlson (32) – Married to Serenity

Biological Family:

Biological Mother: Serena Argelian
Biological Father: Heath Argelian
Biological Twin Sister: Stephanie Argelian
Biological Nephew: William Charles Argelian-Hammond

Special Notes:

None as yet.

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