Crew of the Hades Rage

Some information for the curious

  • The Crew of the Rage do NOT WEAR UNIFORMS. Well they can, but most don't. Not even the CO.
  • We call the ship the RAGE, cause Hades Rage is too long to say if there is an emergency!
  • Hello, Ranks, yeah we use them but mostly we go by first or last names, except for when you talk to the XO or CO, then its SIR!
  • Within some Department are sub departments so look carefully!
  • There are No Marines or Star fighters!
  • Player characters will have bios linked to their names and NPC's will Not. This is to help the web mistress with Maintenance.

There are the following departments on the RAGE:

command3.png Image Image security.png
Command Intelligence Flight Control Security/Tactical
science.png operations2.png engineering.png medical.png
Science Operations Engineering Medical
Crew Of The Rage
Character Name Rank/position Image Character Name Rank/position Image
Monet r-o6.pngCommanding officer Claudia_001.jpg Austin Carey r-o5.pngExecutive officer keanu-reeves-7.jpg
PENDING. r-o4.pngSecond Officer NoPic.jpg Available.jpg r-e9a.pngCommand Master Chief NoPic.jpg
Annika Adelsvärd b-o4.pngSecurity/Tactical Chief LauraVandervoort1.jpg Aaron Murdoch y-o4.pngEngineering Chief sara-e2.jpg
TAKEN. BIO PENDING s-o3.pngOperations Chief NoPic.jpg Ti'ele Morrison v-o3.pngIntelligence Chief tiele-bio-2.jpg
Available.jpg n-o3.pngScience Chief NoPic.jpg Available.jpg t-o3.pngMedical Chief NoPic.jpg
Available.jpg d-o3.pngFlight Control Chief NoPic.jpg Available.jpg b-o3.pngAssistant Security/Tactical Chief NoPic.jpg
Available.jpg y-o3.pngAssistant Engineering Chief NoPic.jpg Available.jpg s-o2.pngAssistant Operations Chief NoPic.jpg
Arrianna Schwineburg n-o2.pngAssistant Science Chief EmmaWatsonat_Jon_Furni_56680641.jpg Jolene Harker t-o2.pngShips Counsellor charlize-theron-13.jpg
Available.jpg t-o2.pngAssistant Medical Chief NoPic.jpg Available.jpg v-o2.pngAssistant Intelligence Chief NoPic.jpg
Phoenix Lalor d-o1.pngAssistant Flight Control Chief normal_16.jpg Felicity Hennessey d-o1.pngFlight Control Officer aurelie-claudel-006.jpg

Chain Of Command

r-o6.png Commanding officer
r-o5.png Executive officer
r-o4.png Second Officer
b-o4.png Security/Tactical Chief
y-o4.png Engineering Chief
s-o3.png Operations Chief
v-o3.png Intelligence Chief
d-o3.png Flight Control Chief
n-o3.png Science Chief
t-o3.png Medical Chief
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