Austin Carey

Commander Austin Carey


Basic Information

Name: Austin Zacharious Carey
Nickname/Alias: Austin
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 15th 2345
Place of Birth: USS Jean Chretien
Age: 38
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi, Vulcan,
Betazoid, Naussican, Breen, Reman, Trill, Japanese, French
Interests: Languages
Family Information: Father Captain Chuck Carey Commanding Officer USS Freedom, Mother Theresa Wilma (Linguistics specialist)

Starfleet Service Record:

2363-2365, Ensign, Security Officer, USS Wellington
2365-2368, Lt JG , Security Officer, USS Rising Star
2368-2369, Lt JG, Assistant chief Security Officer, USS Rising Star
2369-2374, Lt, Chief Security, USS Rising Star
2374-2379, Lt, Chief Security, USS Prometheus
2379-2383, Lt Commander, Chief Security, USS Montgomery Scott
2383-2383 Lt Commander, Chief Security, USS Cairns
2383-2385 Various ranks, Various assignments, Various ships
2385-PRES Commander, Executive Officer, USS Hades Rage

Promotions/Awards: Purple Heart, Medal of Honor, Security Citation, Battle of Calor Prime (Dominion war), Reprimands: None

Background Section:

Austin was born on the USS Jean Chretien, his parents both being officers on the ship. He grew up, travelling the stars and knew exactly what he wanted to do, although he had the knack for picking up languages, even more so than his mother whose experties was linguistics, he chose security as his primary field and linguistics as his minor. Although both parents were a little concerned about his choice, it was well aware that the Carey Gene was inside him. The reputation of the Careys being Security officers nothing more.

In 2363 Austin got his first position on the USS Wellington, a nebula class starship. It was nothing really special just transporting colonists to new planets and evacuating others from planets in dispute. This was not the type of work he really wanted to be in, he wanted action, not to what he called 'babysit' a bunch of civilians that the USS Wellington was so much used for. So in 2365 he put in for a transfer.

A few weeks after the transfer request he got a transfer as well as a promotion. The USS Rising Star, Galaxy Class starship was looking for people and accepted his request along with a promotion to Lt Junior Grade.


The first month on the Rising Star was a dull one, travelling from starbase to starbase picking up supplies. All for the upcoming mission that the ship was being sent on. An eight year deep space exploration. Finally something he wanted, something that he really signed up for. Finally when the time came, he said his good byes to his colleagues as the ship headed out of federation space.

Three years into the assignment, the ship was ambushed and took heavy casualties, among the deaths was the assistant chief security. Once the battle was over and the funeral was all settled, Austin was promoted to the assistant of the department.

For the next year things went normal, all until the first officer contracted a mutogenic virus, which transferred him into another species. Even after a long and hard fought battle, the XO was not able to return to his normal self, and did not desire to as his mind was corrupted as well and had escaped custody of the ship. With the ship having no Executive officer, the Chief Security officer, who was the second officer was then promoted to XO which gave the entire Security department to him, along with a promotion to full Lt.

The ship continued its course for the next year, then it turned around and headed back to federation space. Finally in 2374 it returned to federation space only to find out the federation was in a war in which looked like they were going to lose. Once at starbase 001, Austin recieved word that he had been transferred to the USS Prometheus, a classified new ship, previously taken over by Romulans, looking for a new crew to take over.

The next few years were hard, in 2375,he had learned the destruction of the USS Rising Star, and the deaths of all his former crewmates. He took this hard but focused on the task at hand. The Prometheus was too far out into enemy territory to do anything about it at the moment, and for him to do really anything would be suicide for them all.

The time on the Prometheus lasted another four years, in 2379 he was transferred to the USS Montgomery scott as Chief Security Officer as well as a promotion to Lt Commander.

The time on the Montgomery was a good one, twice he had been given the chance to take the first officer position, but he could never picture himself leaving the position that he had so he declined and stayed where he was, perfectly contented. In late 2383 he was transferred once again, this time to the USS Cairns, which was just being refitted.

The posting on Cairns was a short one, not more than six months, before he was approached by Starfleet Intelligence. They had a job for him. But they couldn’t exactly tell him what it was. Without thinking about the Cairns, or the crew, he accepted the position without any knowledge what it was, and for the next two years, his life became a mystery. No matter where he went, no one knew what exactly he was there for. He came as abruptly as he left, and there is no official record of what exactly he is doing. People have speculated on what he is or what he is doing, and whether what side he is on. The only thing for certain, his connections are high and he made more than one, disappear, and there was never any questions.

The next real posting was Executive officer of the USS Hades. He knows his purpose there, Starfleet placed him there. Although he was ‘Promoted’ to get the spot, he has as much power to do anything on the ship, and in some areas, more than the Commanding Officer. Although he expects to butt heads with the Commanding officer, he is not there to make friends.

Personality Profile:

He is quite outspoken especially when it comes to the safety of his Commanding Officers and anyone else for that matters, it has gotten himself into trouble on numerous occassions, but nothing really into deep trouble as most occassions were of sound reason. He takes his job seriously and vows never to leave the chief position even if it means his subordinates one day becoming of higher rank than him. His personal life there isn't much, he has had a few relationships but his relationship to the uniform was always the problem that ended the other relationship with the women. With his new job, he doesn’t get close to anyone unless it benefits him and his mission.

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