Arrianna Schwineburg

Name: Arrianna Juliet Schwineburg

Rank: Ltjg

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: Almost 22 thank you

Hight 5’2

Wt 100

Hair Strawberry blond

Eyes Gray

Skin Alabaster

Born August 1, 2363


Goldenfield Elementary 2367-2370

Atlanta School for the gifted in Science and Mathematics 2377 (age 14)

Starfleet Academy 2377-2380 Age 17

MIT obtained her double Doctorate in Science and Mathematics 2380-2383 (Age 20)

USS Justice 2383-2384 Science personnel

USS Caribbean 2384-2384 Assistant Researcher

USS Dreg 2384-2384 Only Science Officer

USS Hades Rage 2384- Assistant Chief of Science

Arrianna is short, pale, thin and wares old-fashioned glasses; they simply help her think better. Most often seen in a lab coat she pretty much eats pop tarts and grilled cheeses sandwiches both toasted on a bunson burner in the lab because she has no idea how to cook anything else and its quicker than having to decide what to eat from a replicator full of choices.

The Dr’s have prescribed many nutritional supplements which she takes when she thinks about it. She has high blood pressure and a fast metabolism which occasionally land her in sick bay due to burn out, but they fix her up and she’s back to her old ways of malnutrition and and late nights in no time.

She does have one sinful delight and that is Chocolate raspberry soufflé, which she rewards herself with every now and again when a experiment is successful.

Psychological profile

Having been away from home and in schools all her life strictly focusing on schoolwork and science Arrianna lives at a rapid pace, never slowing down and living on very little sleep. She is not impolite but has few social skills making her a bit awkward around people. She loves her job and is devoted to whatever ship she is on regardless of all the hazing they do to her. She has endured hazing for 90% of her life, why should even more bother her now… really…::sniffles::

She buries herself in work keeping her mind off of such trivial things like that and prefers to be alone most times simply because that is how she has spent her life.

Often times when around people she begins to get so nervous she speaks faster than anyone can understand and what is worse is when her mind hits warp 9 and no one can follow and she cant seem to help them to follow. This tendency leads to awkward situations when meeting people outside of the scientific community, as she really has no way to relate or communicate with them.

Arianna Juliet Schwineburg

Receiving her first telescope at four and her first chemistry set at 6 Arrianna has always been a brilliant child. However, her brilliance has often been sidetracked by her clumsiness. After their second house burnt down Irving and Esther Schwineburg decided that it may be time for their daughter to attend boarding school, and so by the age of 7 she was there.

Her parents died as a result of a terrorist attack on Mars she never discovered the details, the coffins were closed because they told her they were killed by debris and not the blast.

It was soon after that she began to work on a rapid releasing anti debris shield. A project which she is still perfecting today.

The years passed too quickly for Arrianna by the age of 14 she had already surpassed her peers and graduated from high school. Receiving special permission from the Starfleet she entered the academy where she discovered new and various ways to use propulsion drives, plasmic fuels and much more.

Soaring through her classes and once again surpassing the others Arrianna quickly became the nerd of the school, down to the glasses and goggles that were nearly always plastered on her face. Mathematics, chemistry, biology, botany, Latin, all came very easy to her. Though things like civics, history, geography, and literature were her bane. Still though she had no real interest in any of it unless it held a great scientific discovery of it, she passed them with flying colors save for that one B in Professor McBride’s class which she would never forgive him for.

By the age of 20 she was a PHD and assigned to her first ship. The USS Justice where she served for a few months before blowing up the lab as well as the Captains eyebrows, but really it wasn’t so bad, no one got seriously hurt and the eyebrows grew back… or so she heard.

She spent her 21st birthday on her new ship, the USS Caribbean A rather happy exploration ship, the Caribbean allowed her to have her own lab in the hydroponics area where she was experimenting with radiation and a new plant they found on Riga 7. When the plant took over the area and gone through the Jefferies tube and into the Arboretum eating all the rare and nearly extinct birds they had pollinating one of the last existing Pollooolo plants, how could she have known it would do that? We’ve all nearly extinct something anyway right?

She served her next four months on a freighter where she decided to try her hand at finding a better way to reuse trash as fuel. No one knows what happened to the freighter after they dropped her off, legend says that they pushed the red button she said not to and are somewhere in an alternate universe. But hey, she put a big sign on it saying DO NOT PUSH! Not her fault if the cat jumped on it.

Now, a few weeks out from the age of 22 she is on the USS Hades Rage serving as the Assistant Chief of Science officer. Where she has once again been given her own lab, which for some strange odd reason has been reinforced by engineering to withstand, fire, explosions, acid drips and plants…. But that’s ok, its her lab and she’s proud of it.

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