Annika Adelsvaerd

Lieutenant Commander Annika Adelsvaerd

Basic Information


Name: Annika Freya Adelsvärd
Nickname: Valkyrie
Race: Human, Swedish
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden, European Union, Earth
Marital Status: Single

Physical Statistics

Height: 5’ 5½”
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Interests/Hobbies: martial arts (aikido), fencing, biathlon (cross-country skiing + riflemanship), weaponry, skating, ice hockey, bandy (very fast Nordic mix of ice hockey & football) modelling, playing with her wolf

Languages: Swedish, Standard, Old Norse


- Primary School
- Secondary School
- Starfleet Academy


- Karl Adelsvärd, Minister of Finance, Sweden
- Lene Adelsvärd, Lecturer in Law, University of Stockholm, Sweden
- Andri Adelsvärd, Businessman

Starfleet Personnel File:

Service Record:

- 2374-2378 Cadet – Security & Tactical Officer, Starfleet Academy
- 2378-2379 Ensign – Security & Tactical Officer, USS Illuna, USS Yellowstone, USS Tokyo
- 2379-2380 Ensign – Security & Tactical Officer, USS Jericho
- 2380-2382 Lt JG – Security & Tactical Officer, USS Jericho
- 2382-2383 Lt – Assistant Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Jericho
- 2383-2383 Lt – Prisoner of War along with junior crew of USS Jericho
- 2383-2384 Lt Cmdr – Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Fijord
- 2384-2385 Lt Cmdr – Unassigned awaiting Court Martial
- 2385-2385 Lt Cmdr – Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Hades Rage


- Commendation for Actions under fire
- Combat Action Medal
- Boarding Repulsion Ribbon
- Bridge Certification
- Prisoner of War Medal
- Gold Lifesaving Medal
- Silver Star


- excessive use of force
- use of torture during interrogations
- public lewdness and nudity while drunk
- assault on senior officers


Annika was born to Karl and Lene Adelsvärd, a junior politician working for the Ministry of Finance and a university lecturer in Law at the University of Stockholm. Consequently, she spent a lot of her childhood at the Ministry or the university. She has an older brother named Andri, who is three years older.

As a child, Annika was always active and had bountiful energy. She enjoyed sports a lot, and did incredibly well at it. She started learning aikido & karate at age 7, and by the time she was 16, she had a second degree black belt in karate and third dan black belt in aikido. She also took up skating then ice hockey & bandy, a very fast Nordic mix of ice hockey and football, when she was old enough. Her parents took her to the snowfields with her brother & they learnt how to ski. Eventually, Annika would join that with rifle marksmanship & take up the biathlon.

But her passion in life really started when she was spotted by a talent scout for a modelling agency when she was 13 and out with friends at a milkshake shop. He gave her a card, and told her to give it to her parents. She began doing some classes, and then went onto do some shoots. With her looks, she did very well and eventually made it all the way to Paris & Milan, although her parents made sure she continued studying – since they acted as her managers.

When she became an adult, she continued for a couple of more years by herself & got caught up in some pretty bad stuff. That landed her before a law court in San Francisco, and as a quite unique method of public service, she had to enrol to Starfleet Academy. The court mandated at least a year, but she found that it would fill something that had been missing in her life. It was something she wanted, and she continued through, graduating as a Security Office with a passing grade in the theory courses & acing the practical ones.


She moved around a few stations as an Ensign for the next couple of years with average standards until she arrived at the USS Jericho under the charge of the security & tactical chief, a Lt Commander Jack Kelgan. He saw underneath that Annika had been coasting through, and pushed her hard, keeping her to a very high standard. When she confronted him one day when she finally snapped, he told her why. From that day, she began working harder, and eventually, she earned a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Midway through 2381, Jack realised that his relationship with Annika was much more, and after privately discussing the ethics with a counsellor, he began courting the beautiful blonde Swede. She originally kept on rebuffing his advances, but eventually, she accepted one date with him as a trial. That night, she realised that there was much more to her commanding officer, and they began dating. Eventually, she moved in with him, but they both agreed to take things slowly. She made Lt after two more years and became assistant chief.

In early 2383, the Jericho was sent to the Goteran System, where a new species had been contacted that had been hit by a savage internal civil war. The unusual aliens seem to be legitimate but after awhile, they launch an invasion of the Jericho using potentially dangerous primitive versions of transporters. When it looks like the ship is going to be taken, the captain orders all hands to escape and detonates the ship after everyone else has left, destroying it and sacrificing himself.

The crew of the Jericho and a number of senior officers are executed, including Jack Kelgan. The Chief Counsellor as senior remaining officer puts a distraught Annika in charge of protecting the crew and helping them survive while she tries to convince the Goterans that the Federation just wants to help them. However, Annika quickly buckled in and did her duty despite her loss. Eventually, the Chief Counsellor is able to arrange the release of the crew to a Federation vessel so the Vulcans can begin negotiations in good faith. Both the Chief Counsellor and Annika are awarded the Silver Star and the Gold Lifesaving Medal for their actions in the Goteran Incident.

Annika also recieved a promotion to Lt Commander and Chief of Security & Tactical on the USS Fijord, a Sovereign-class vessel that had just been commissioned. She continued as chief for about a year, but it was obvious she had many problems, including a terrible habit of drunken lewdness & brawling, before an incident occurred which put her in big trouble.

She was formally charged with physical assault on a Rear Admiral and put to a court martial, where she pled guilty. Due to her service in Starfleet and extenuating circumstances that cannot be disclosed, she was not discharged and the record was sealed, but she was left in limbo. Finally, she was given one last chance and assigned to the Hades Rage under Captain Montel with her old rank & position.

Physical Profile:

Annika is reasonably tall but has an athletic body. She is very attractive and has long blonde hair that goes down her back. She has a thing for blue & red clothes.

She is very graceful and fast, having trained for many years in martial arts and sports.

Should she need to be frisked, she carries numerous concealed weapons on her person. She also carries a Type-IIf hand Phaser in open view.


Personality Profile:

Annika is very stong-willed and rebellious. She has a tendency to smack things before using diplomacy, and it has gotten her in lots of trouble. She doesn't mind playing dirty or underhanded. She believes that if you have to go to a knife fight, bring an assault phaser rifle, a chain of photon grenades and heavy body armour.

She has recieved a number of reprimands for excessive force and other activities - including public lewdness and nudity while drunk.

If anyone treats her like a blonde bimbo or calls any of these or combinations: Barbie, Doll, Sweetheart, Honey, she is liable to savagely kick or hit the person in a very sensitive spot. That is, unless she is using her feminine charms and assests.

Annika is currently mandated to attend regular counselling for anger management after she beat up an admiral. Hades Rage is her last chance before a dishonourable discharge.

Special Notes:

Annika is an excellent marksman and martial artist.

Her pet is a male grey wolf that she befriended while on a camping trip. She has named him Ásmundr, which means divine protector in Old Norse.

Her accent is very strong.

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